Q- What is my User ID

A- You can find your User ID UNDER your roll number on your tax assessment (it starts with a couple zeros). It is not labeled. 

Q- Can I pay taxes (and other bills) online?

A- Yes. There are three different options for paying online. 

1.) Through your online banking- Select Cardston County as a payee. For the account number please use your User ID. Some banks only say "utilities" in the payee area instead of taxes but it doesn't matter as long as it says Cardston COUNTY not TOWN. The town gets a number of our bills accidentally paid to them and it causes extra work for our staff. 

2.) By E-transfer. You will need to write a security question with a secret answer. We don't care what the question is, as long as the answer is Taxes. In the message area it would be helpful to write your roll number or user number. The user number most helpful because some users have more than one roll number.

3.) Through Option Pay on our website. You will have to input your credit card information and there will be a 3% charge added by the Credit Card company.

Q- What do I do if I didn't get my tax notice or my mailing address is wrong?

A- All of our addresses are based off the records at Alberta Land Titles. If our address for you is incorrect, it's incorrect at Land Titles too. Click here and find the Land Titles change of address form. You will also find the form to change your mailing address with us. Fill out both, send one to Land titles and return ours to office@cardstoncounty.com

Q- Is there an online list of important forms? 

A- yes, Click here for a list of permit forms and downloads. 

Q- How can I address Council?

A-If you would like to make a presentation to Council or appear as a delegation at one of our Council Meetings, please complete the Council Presentation Form and submit it to us by email, fax, or in person. We will try to schedule your presentation during the next Council Meeting.

Alternatively, there is a short time reserved from 11:45am-12pm during each Council Meeting for an impromptu question and answer period. 

Q- Does the County give donations for community projects?

A-If you would like request a donation from Cardston County for your community organization or event, please read our Community Donations Policy and complete the Donation Request Form and submit it to us by email, fax, or in person.

Each Councillor is allocated $500 in our budget annually to donate to the community organization(s) or event(s) of their choice. We recommend that you contact your division Councillor to take advantage of their annual donation fund.

Q- Do I need a business license?

A- All business operating within Cardston County must obtain a business license. To obtain a business license, download our Business License Form. After filling out the form and ensuring all information is complete and correct, forms can either be brought to the County Office or mailed, faxed or emailed to us.

For County residents, there is a compulsory fee of $25.00. If you would like a regional business license, there is an additional fee of $80.00. Once your business license request is processed at the office, they will be mailed or they can be picked up at the County Office.

Cardston County and both the Town of Cardston and the Town of Magrath have an agreement in place to honour each other's business licenses. This allows our residents in the County to provide their services to the residents of the Town of Cardston and Magrath without having to purchase an additional Town license.
For more information please click here.