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Living the Rural Life

Residents of every Community in Cardston County enjoy a high quality of life.  We have excellent health services and educational facilities.  Our Communities are a safe place to live, work and raise a family.  From affordable housing to diverse employment opportunities, life in Cardston County is teeming with opportunity for all who live here.

With its open ranges, 45 000 acres of fertile ranch land, rugged timberland and stunning views of the majestic Rocky Mountains, the lifestyle in Cardston County is healthy and its Community spirit vibrant.

Cardston County also offers a rich cultural mix. Its strong Mormon heritage springs from a history of hard working pioneers who came to settle what was once untamed land and stayed to build Communities joined in a common faith and deep family values. Cardston County also borders the Kainaiwa Nation (Blood Tribe) and includes many Hutterite colonies.

Residents and visitors can enjoy a wide range of cultural and recreational activities. From outdoor adventure to fascinating historical centers, Cardston County offers something for everyone.


Average Temperature:
January: -6° Celsius (21° Fahrenheit)
April: 6° Celsius (43° Fahrenheit)
July: 18° Celsius (65° Fahrenheit)
October: 6° Celsius (43° Fahrenheit)

Total Hours of Sunshine:
2370 hours per year

Annual Precipitation:
32 cm of rain per year
229 cm of snow per year

Frost Free Days:
111 per year


Crime Rate

Canada is a Country internationally recognized for its low crime rate. According to Statistics Canada, our nation’s crime rate has been decreasing for the past decade. Of all of the Provinces in Canada, Alberta takes pride in having the lowest crime rate in the country.

Cardston County is policed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and our citizens feel protected and secure in communities with a low crime rate and high quality of life.



There is a wide selection of housing choices in the Cardston County area. Whether you are looking for a home in the heart of a small town community, expansive property in the rolling hills or a mountain retreat, there is something to fit every budget and lifestyle.

Rental properties are also available.
Realty Executives 403.653.1991

Re-Max Cardston Realty 403.653.4949

Sutton Group 403.653.4423
Check the MLS listings for Cardston County here.

Our educational programs offer excellence and choice for residents of all ages.

Health Care
Our medical facilities and services provide an excellent standard of health care.

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Community Organizations
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