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County Council Meetings

Cardston County's Council Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month and occasionally we require a second meeting during the month which will be held after the MPC meeting on the 4th Monday. 

The next Council meeting will be held on April 25th, 2016 and the next Municipal Planning Commission meeting will also be held on April 25th, 2016.

As always, anyone is welcome to attend our meetings and recordings of the meetings are available on our Youtube page.

Fire Permit Phone Number

We have a new phone number for residents looking for a fire permit. If you require a fire permit, please call (403) 653-3712 directly.

Alberta Fire Bans App

There is a new Alberta Fire Bans mobile app that will make information on current fire bans, advisories, and restrictions more readily available to Albertans. The app is available for free through your mobile device’s app store.

During 2015 alone, nearly 5,500 square kilometers of land was lost in Alberta in 1,786 wildfires. These wildfires affect Albertans’ homes and livelihoods and our province’s land and wildlife.

Approximately 35% of wildfires are caused by lightning, with the remaining 65% being caused by humans. The Alberta Fire Bans app will hopefully help decrease the amount of human-caused wildfires in Alberta by making it easier for Albertans to access information on fire notices.

You can also find information via the Alberta Fire Bans website here.

Information on Accessing Pole Haven

Cardston County has been receiving a number of inquiries on changes to the accessibility of the Pole Haven Community Pasture. The County does not manage Pole Haven nor does the County have any influence on how the Community Pasture is managed, but we can provide the following information to residents from the Provincial Department of Environment and Parks and the Pole Haven Grazing Association:

  • "Effective immediately, the Pole Haven Grazing Association will restrict recreational access to foot access."
  • "Motorized access, camping, campfires, mountain biking, horse use, snowmobiling, and wood cutting for personal use will not be permitted at this time."
  • "The intent is not to restrict reasonable foot access, but to manage the rangeland resources under best management practices and the Rangeland Stewardship Code of Practice to maintain a healthy rangeland status."
  • "Currently, the best way to achieve a healthy range status is to restrict recreational access on the lease due to the increase in recreational use and the resulting undesirable impacts to rangelands and wildlife habitat."

If you have any concerns about the changes to Pole Haven Community Pasture, please contact the Provincial Department of Environment and Parks or the Pole Haven Grazing Association directly.

2016 Dust Control Program

Cardston County is now taking applications for its 2016 Dust Control Program. Please review the application form carefully and submit it along with the prepayment prior to April 30th, 2016. The County must receive both the application and the prepaid amount before the deadline to be eligible for dust control.

You can find the application form here and you can submit your application and prepayment to the County Office. If you have any questions about the Dust Control Program, please feel free to contact us as (403) 653-4977.

  • The minimum length for dust control will be 100m (300') for the cost of $300.00 which must be prepaid and submitted along with an application prior to the deadline of April 30th, 2016.
  • There will be an additional cost of $3.00 for every 1m (3') over the minimum 100m (300') which will also need to be prepaid and submitted along with an application prior to the deadline of April 30th, 2016.

Physician-Assisted Dying Open Houses

John Barlow, the Member of Parliament for Foothills, will be hosting a number of open houses for constituents to comment on the federal government's proposed physician-assisted dying legislation. Cardston County residents are encouraged to attend. You can view the dates and times for the open houses here.

Passing of Jim Hillyer

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the passing of Jim Hillyer this morning. Jim was a tireless advocate for the constituents of Medicine Hat-Taber-Warner and will be greaty missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and children during this difficult time.

Regional Water Line Open Houses

Cardston County and Wilde Bros. Engineering will be hosting two open houses regarding proposed regional water distribution lines for the Aetna and Hill Spring / Glenwood areas.

All residents are invited to attend. Councillors, staff, and engineers will be there to answer questions and receive feedback from residents.

  • Aetna Open House: March 24th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the County Office.
  • Hill Spring/Glenwood Open House: March 23rd from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Hill Spring Community Hall.

Growing Forward

Cardston County and Growing Forward will be hosting a workshop on March 18th from 11:00am to 1:00pm at the County's administration building. There will be information on the Growing Forward program and how it can benefit your business.

The Growing Forward program offers farmers, ranchers, and food producers with information and options to help with their businesses. Growing Forward offers a variety of programs on solar energy, business training, marketing, food safety, etc.

If you are interested in attending the free Growing Forward workshop, you can register by calling our office at (403) 653-4977

Chief Mountain Regional Solid Waste Authority Position

Chief Mountain Regional Solid Waste Authority is now accepting applications for a permanent, full-time truck driver position.

If you are interested in applying, please read and follow the instructions on the job posting here.

Waterton Biosphere Information

The Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association will be holding two Carnivore and Communities meetings to update residents on bear and wolf activity in their area as well as share ways to reduce carnivore conflicts on farms and ranches.

  • March 2nd at Cowley Hall starting at 7pm.
  • March 3rd at the Cardston Seniors Centre starting at 7pm.

Waterton Biosphere has also produced a short, 15-minute documentary about farm and ranch families and their experiences dealing with large carnivores. You can view the film, titled Sharing the Range, here.

Fiber Optic Survey

The County is considering investing in fiber optic infrastructure to bring better internet to residents. One of the ideas being considered is linking the existing wireless towers with fiber optic, which would boost internet speeds for residents with wireless internet.  We are also exploring the idea of providing a fiber optic network for residents to directly access.

Waterton Lakes Prescribed Burns

Parks Canada is beginning to implement prescribed fires this spring. As conditions permit, they will create fire guards by carrying out small-scale fires. They expect this activity to continue throughout the winter and spring when favourable conditions exist.

You may see smoke this winter and spring in these areas:

  • Blakiston Valley
  • Highway 6 near Pincher Creek
  • Maskinonge Day Use Area

The goal of fire management in national parks is to restore and maintain historical fire frequency, while protecting people and facilities from wildfires. Restoring fire is important to the health of the ecosystem, including the wildlife it supports.

Cardston County & Town of Magrath Intermunicipal Trail Masterplan

Cardston County and the Town of Magrath are undertaking a masterplan that will identify additions to Magrath's existing trail network. The proposed addition would be a peripheral loop around the Town.

Olman River Regional Services Commission will be drafting the masterplan, and is looking for feedback from the community on the proposal. ORRSC has provided a map and mailout you can view here and there is a survey you can fill out the survey here.

Age-Friendly Community Recognition

Cardston County and the Villages of Hill Spring and Glenwood were recognized by the Government of Alberta for their efforts in creating an age-friendly community.

Age-friendly communities promote healthy and active aging. People in age-friendly communities are supported in maintaining their independence, and can access public buildings and amenities, participate in community events and initiatives, and acquire the supports and services they need. You can learn more about age-friendly initiatives here.

Here is Deputy Reeve Jim Bester receiving recognition along with representives from the Villages of Hillspring and Glenwood and the Government of Alberta.

Bill 6 and Carbon Tax Legislation Petitions

The County office currently has two petitions available for interested residents to sign.

There is one petition regarding holding a plebiscite on Bill 6, The Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act, as well as another petition regarding holding a plebiscite for the introduction on carbon tax legislation.

If you are interested in signing either petition, you may visit the County office during our regular business hours of 8:30am - 4:30pm.

Fall 2015 AAMDC Conference

Cardston County Councillors recently had the opportunity to attend the Fall AAMDC Conference. The AAMDC is an organization made up of all the rural municipalities across the province that advocates for rural Alberta.

The AAMDC Conference is an opportunity for all councillors representing rural Alberta to attend education sessions, discuss issues with other councillors across the province, meet with provincial ministers, and promote the interests of rural Alberta.

You can learn more about the AAMDC by checking out their website here or watching the video here.

Here is a picture of the attending Councillors meeting with the Minister for Municipal Affairs and Service Alberta, the Honourable Danielle Larivee. (In order: Councillor Lloyd Kearl, Reeve Fred Lacey, the Honourable Danielle Larivee, Councillor Roger Houghton, and Deputy Reeve Jim Bester)

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